Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kapitol Reef Testimonial

Take a look at this testimonial of the Kapitol Reef snorkel.

Look close at this one. This fish, name unknown by me, looks alot like the grass.

This is a 1 1/2" shell that was moving, Look close on the right you will see legs

A Baby stingray. Colored to match is surroundings

This is a Lion Fish. If he pokes you with one of those feather

looking things it is instant agonizing pain. Highly poison es.

But it looks cool. The garbage in the bottom of the ocean is not


Blue and Red Kapitol Reef snorkel sets. They look good in the water.

At the Hotel

We went snorkeling at our hotel beach the other day. We are staying at the Hilton while here in Nassau. It is next to the port. There is no reef just a sandy bottom. In a few sections there is a grassy bottom and that brings fish. It is cool to see them feed along the bottom. It was interesting because we kept seeing a jet stream looking trail come out of fish. At first I thought that they were hitting the sand but it was always over the grass. Then it happened so frequently that we really started to pay attention and sure enough it was a spray of some kind that the fish emit. If you know what it is leave a comment with an explanation.

We also got into a school of small jelly fish, not too exciting just get out of there. We found a little alcove and tucked under was a lion fish. It was cool to see. We did not have the camera figured out yet so we did not get a picture of that. It is amazing to me to think that so much of the earth is covered with ocean and there is such a vast and beautiful world under the surface of the ocean and yet we really don't pay much attention to it. Well with this new camera I will be bringing some of what is under there to you. Thanks again for the camera.

Remember See the rest of the world, go snorkel.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nassau Bahamas

Greetings from Nassau. What an exciting place to be. If you ever get a chance to visit Nassau jump on it and get here. Everything is beautiful. Water, beaches, forest (I was surprised that in this tropical place there are so many pine trees.). The people here are very friendly.

I want to say thank you to my kids for getting me an underwater digital camera. Especially to Shannon for spear heading it. You will all benefit from it. Today Debbie (she is here on this trip with me.) and I went with Blue Hole snorkel excursion company on a snorkel excursion. It was great the coral and plant life were beautiful. There were fish everywhere. Take a look at the pictures of the sea life that we saw. Keep in mind that the camara is new and we are just getting it figured out. We say a pretty big stingray just sitting on the bottom. We saw a trumpit fish (that picture did not turn out too good, sorry) and several sargent majors, schools of yellow tail snapper. Debbie has been amazed at the beauty that lives under the surface of the ocean. We were using Kapitol Reef equipment and the other people in our group were using the rental equipment and they did not stay in the water very long. Go Kapitol Reef Snorkel equipment.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is a zip line that runs through Jungle of Roatan Honduras. It was extreme. It is about a mile long. It starts on a mountain and finishes at the beach. You make 8 stops on tree stands where you change direction as you wind down the mountain and through the trees. It was one of the coolest things that I have done. We had two guides, one that went first and the other brought up the rear. If you go to Roatan make sure and do the zip line trip.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Greetings everyone from Roatan Honduras. Actually I was there earlier in the week however I did not post as I had to be out side to get the Internet and the mosquito's were too abundant at the hotel. I got to Roatan on Sunday and I got my bags Tuesday afternoon and I left to go back to the states Wednesday morning. I was there for the FCCA (Florida Caribbean Cruise Association) semi annual meeting. Kapitol Reef is a Platinum member.

Oh what a beautiful Island. Very tropical, Beautiful blue ocean and white sand. I stayed at the Infinity Bay Spa and Resort. It was a spectacular place. lots of marble granite and Mahogany wood.

I snorkeled while there of course and it was cool. I dove down and picked up a 10 inch conch shell. It was big enough that it took two hands to pick it up. When I got it to the surface and looked inside I could see the critter. It was so cool. The tour guide that we were with took it from me and put it back on the bottom . I guess that you cant take living shells from Honduras.

On this trip for the first time I went on a snorkel tour instead of snorkeling alone. It was cool. I loved having a guide take us to a place that was cool. We saw an eel, beautiful colored reefs and hundreds of fish, but for me the highlight was the 50 or so large conch shells that I saw.

It was a real eye opener for me. Because I did not get my bags until it was time to go home, I did not have my Kapitol Reef Snorkel, Mask and fins. And I really missed it. The mask that came with the trip leaked, the fins were not as rigid and so hurt my feet. I also did not get the propulsion that I am use to. And most importantly every time I turned my head water would get into the snorkel and I would breath in that water. I would gasp and have to stop and readjust. With the Kapitol Reef equipment you don't have to do that. Kapitol Reefs snorkel is 1000 times better than other snorkels, 1000 times better. I had the panic feeling a few times as I took in water and could not get the snorkel clear. I cannot think of a more dangerous place to panic than out in the ocean. If you are going to snorkel or are going to have your kids snorkel you better get the Kapitol Reef (Matching color set) snorkel. And remember to snorkel and see the rest of the world.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A snorkeling Treasure

While at Montego Bay in Jamaica recently I found these the two shells shown in this picture. I found other conge shells in ST. Thomas however there it was illigal to take them. In Jamaica it is legal and so I got this large shell. It is a treasure to me. I have spent many hours in my life looking for something more that small shells at the beach. And it feels like I hit the mother load in Jamaica. It is great to be able to stay in the water long enough to find such a treasure. Thank You Dr. Johnson for Inventing the Kapitol Reef snorkel so that I was comfortable enough to stay in the water long enough to find this treasure.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Use for Kapitol Reef Snorkel

Oh my, I had a new experience this last week while in Jamaica. I was driving north between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. I was in the Runaway Bay area. I was passed by two cars just before I went around a corner. When I rounded this corner there was a large police officer on the side of the road holding a radar detector and waving for me to pull over. I Was surprised because two cars had just past me. So I pulled over and the officer came to me told me I was doing 75 Km H in a 50 Km H zone. He told me to get my rental agreement and my license and meet him on the side of the road. So I got both documents and got out of the car. He began to explain to me that I was going too fast and now would have to "pay the government a lot of money." He sad it 3 - 4 times. He then asked me why I was in Jamaica and so I told him about the Kapitol Reef snorkel. He then asked me what he should do about my speeding and the fact that I would have to "pay a lot of money to the government. I suggested that he give me a warning ticket since I was new to the island and did not realize that I was going over the speed limit. I told him because I was there for work I did not have cash only a company credit card. He said that I should pay him and his partner money for them to have lunch. I told him again that I did not have money. Then I told him they could each have a Kapitol Reef snorkel. He did not like the idea until I told him that they cost $89 US. He then said great. I gave them both a snorkel and the officer gave me my license and car rental agreement back and let me go. I am not sure how much those two snorkels saved me but they got me out of trouble. Yea Kapitol Reef snorkel!!