Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here is the Charisma, a Grand vessel. It is currently in Nassau.


While in Nassau I met Captain Jared Burzler. He is the captain of the "Charisma" a Yacht that does charter trips for executive groups. Groups will charter this Yacht and spend weeks at sea, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, spear fishing, snorkeling, and touring the Caribbean. This Yacht carries with it a couple of Jet skis and a ski boat so that they can do watersport recreation as well. It is a nice set up. It looks like they will be offering the Kapitol Reef snorkel equipment starting in a month or two to their guests. I agree with them that people should have the best equipment and Kapitol Reef is the best snorkel equipment.

From the looks of this picture they are putting our snorkel to good use.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can you Identify?

Can you identify this specie of fish? They are found abundantly in the Caribbean. Post your answer on comments

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuart Cove

Look close at the fish at the bottom. He is about 40'deep. It is a shark!

Greetings again from Nassau Bahamas.

Today we went on a snorkel tour with the largest excursion company on Nassau. "Stuart Cove's". If you get to Nassau take this tour!! These guys no what they are doing and they will show you some great stuff. Take alook at these photos, one is a video. Just a quick warning, I am getting use to the new camera and tried an underwater video. It went pretty well until the end, just bear with the camera man. Look at what is under the water!