Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean Provo

I just returned from a trip to Turks a Caicos. Most people ask "where is that? I have never heard of it." Turks and Caicos is a small group of islands that are owned by the UK. It is east of the Bahamas in the Atlantic. I am told it is 100 plus miles north of Haiti. It is a Beautiful piece of Heaven on earth. The people are very nice there. It is know for diving as it has a couple of great diving spots. The main island in the small group is called "Providenciales. It is the island that most people fly into. If you go on a Cruise to Turks and Caicos you will go to the Island of Grand Turks. They speak english and us the US dollar as their currency.

As Always I went with the Purpose of getting operations to carry the Kapitol Reef Snorkel equipment. There is a Dive shop there called Dive Provo that has been a customer for over a year. They love our snorkel and sell a lot of them. We did pick up a couple new customers.

Turks is a beautiful Place. It is flat with a few slight hills. I stayed at the Comfort Suites which cost $120 per night. It is the cheapest place I could find. It was a great place to stay. It was clean and updated. Beautiful Pool on the property with Restaurants and shopping close by. It is a short one block walk to the beach. You can reach them at 649-946-8888. They do take American Express. (Many times small companies on the Islands wont take American Express Card.)

An interesting Story. I got on the plane to leave and after everyone was on we just sat there for 30 minutes or more. I was wondering why and the Pilot came on the intercom and said that They were having a problem with immigration. (Not what I want to hear when in another country.) He said that a man and his wife with a British Passport had just arrived an hour earlier on the same plane that we were leaving on. Turks Immigration would not let this man stay and were insisting that he return on this Delta plane. Finally the man and his wife came out and boarded the plane. We taxied out and just as the pilot was ready to hit the throttle he backed off. Back on the intercom to tell us that Immigration would not let us leave and we were headed back to the gate. When we got to the gate immigration officials came out and boarded the plane and took the man off for 30 minutes. Then they brought him back and we finally left.
It made me nervous to have a person on our plane that another nation would not let him in. Especially when it is a British citizen on a British Island. Every thing turned out Great.

If you ever get the chance to Visit Turks and Caicos GO. It felt safe and it is Beautiful.

I did snorkel and saw some great Fish. Not a lot of Reef but they do have some Reef.

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