Thursday, September 24, 2009

La Jolla California

A Week ago I went to San Diego to see if I can get something going for Kapitol Reef there. I have read in several lists that La Jolla cove is one of the top 10 snorkel locations in the world. We should have a presence in a top 10 snorkel location.
So one of my main goals while there was to get in the water and voice my opinion on if it is one of the top snorkel destinations in the world. I have snorkeled in some of the great locations. For example I have been to Bonaire which is a top dive destination, I have been to Curacao another great dive location. I have snorkeled in Jamaica at Montego Bay and It was incredable.
My opinion of La Jolla is this. I can see why people love it there. The colors of the rocks with the deep grass flowing under water reminded me of a Kansas wheat field swaying in the breeze. The California state fish in all of its bright color was beautiful. The many specie of sea bass was spectacular. It is in my opinion one of the great places of the earth to snorkel. I did have my Kapitol Reef snorkel equipment with me. I love the way I dont get tired. I run out of time before I get tired with Kapitol Reef equipment.
If you get close to San Diego California and you want to see something real cool, get in the water at La Jolla Cove. You wont be sorry. Skim boarders at La Jolla. They start in 1" water and go out and catch a wave.
Looking down the street to the Life guard tower at La Jolla Cove in La Jolla. These people deserve the Kapitol Reef equipment.

The coast line of La Jolla just around from the cove.

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