Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snorkel Maui

Snorkeling Maui was one of the most amazing snorkel experiences that I have had. We saw so much. From butterfly fish of every kind to White mouth eels to a hundred Turtles etc etc etc.

If you get a chance to take a boat out on a snorkel trip do it. The captain of the boat will know the places to go to see the great sights. We did 5 Snorkel excursions. Every on was worth the money. And they all fed us breakfast and lunch.

Look at this guy taking a nap at the bottom of the Sea. If you are on Maui, go to west Maui and stop at mile post 14. Go out 50 yards or so and you are going to see Turtles for sure.

Incredible sights of every kind every where. It is amazing to see so many sights.

The Ocean is a vast and amazing place. This is a view from a depth of 40 feet. To me it shows how vast the ocean is. It goes on forever. What lies beyond what the eye can see?


  1. It must be amazing to see all of the under world life up close. I am glad that the Tsunami did not hit when you were there. I love you!!!